Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nutrition and Emotions

Over the years I have come to an understanding about food and how my body reacts to what I eat. I've blogged at length about my experiences, sometimes writing in more detail than at others.

Most of the time I think my emotional state is at an even temper. Not dramatically high or low. Sometimes (during that time of month) I can get emotionally out of whack, and other times when I've eaten too many milk products/and or sweets I get a bit distressed (sometimes really distressed, like when I ate a lot of yogurt). It's really hard to remember that sometimes...

I'm writing about this because I'm not sure what to do when someone else's emotions and paranoia crash into me and I'm left dumbfounded because I don't know how to explain why they are paranoid and accusing me of things that I didn't do. 

Hard won experience is a package that is difficult to share with others. Most of the time they don't understand why you relate what you do... and sometimes what we think we know is right is not... 

Has anyone else noticed a change in mood from eating different foods?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Psychology Test via. Jussi

List your fave animal, color, object, body of water.  Then for each list 4 adjectives to describe each.

Favorite Animal – Cat

-          Graceful
-          Confident
-          Aloof
-          Furry

Color – Light Mauve

-          Calm
-          Happy
-          Classy
-          Elegant

Object – My books

-          Thought
-          Advancement
-          Reflection
-          Understanding

Body of Water – The river

-          Wild
-          Changing
-          Earthy

-          Restorative

Animal tends to be how you think others see you, color is how you see yourself, object is how you see the world in general, body of water is how you see a relationship/love/sex.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Son is a Missionary

It's over, it has been 19 some years since I learned that I was pregnant. Shock, fear, dismay, and shame were my companion from that moment, and I'm not sure when they left. They eventually did, but in their place was the difficulty of living. Trying to find meaning and purpose, fighting against depression and despair and fighting to get an education all of these years and now my son is grown up and he's left. I dropped him off at the MTC today.

I know in a way it sounds foolish and selfish of me to be so sad about having come through all of that with a bunch of really good kids. Very foolish indeed since so many people have their kids lost through foolish things, drugs, crime etc. I think a part of why I'm upset though is that I've put them off, I put socializing off... until a day when I feel better, or when I'm not busy. I've had so many things I wanted to get done that just being with people has been difficult. I need to engage with people more yet I still have school to finish, and stuff to learn...

It was easier when they were little. They were around, they played together and I made them food. I was their mommy. I miss my kids. I am lonely.